I always like to browse books about food and cooking techniques, how about you? Imagine you cooking that meal like a five-star restaurant or just a better way to make a cold sandwich for the kids. We want you to succeed with your adventure in cooking at home, so check out the titles and see if you find some new books for you!


Our Book List

We have different books titles listed then you might see on those mainstream sites. The list is of course large and complicated with not all materials having what others consider a story line that makes sense for their reading needs.  Consider a book of poems as fulfilling for a relaxing evening without getting too involved or a mystery full of suspense can be found with us.


Fun Survey’s

I Love Survey’s that are interactive and really ask the right questions! Here is our current list of survey’s you can do now.


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Author Zone

The Author Zone is for current and new authors.

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Library User Group Book Awards

Best new book award.

Monthly – Value $100

Best Short Story award

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Best children book award

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Best Graphics award

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Best Ebook Award

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Winners List

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