A New Author’s Guide to Book Publishing

December 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson

The biggest dreams of a new author is to get his/her book published. Getting a publisher that will show immediate desire for your book can be an obstacle though. You will need to follow the regulations and procedures of the publishing company to get your book considered. Nevertheless, your effort and persistence can pay off once you see and email in your mail box titled “manuscript accepted”. Here are some tips to truly get you started with your book publishing.

Rules of the publisher

Policies and strategies of each publisher can never be the same. Become familiar with the publisher’s procedures first before submitting your manuscript to them. With today’s modern technology, it’s much easier to find out the publisher’s guidelines on their website or better still, you can give them a call to get things done pretty fast. Don’t be in a rush and submit your manuscript without knowing the procedures of the publisher as you will be wasting time and effort. If you wish to be known in the publishing world, you need to follow the rules.

Personalize your letter/email

When sending e-mails to publisher be sure you are sending to a particular individual. For instance. You can say “To Whom it may Concern” only when making an inquiry. But once your manuscript has already been involved, there must be a person responsible for it to make sure that it’ll go  to the right quarters. This saves time and avoid frustration.

Proofread and a good title

Be sure to proofread your book as many times as possible. You can ask help from a friend or a member of family to get this done for you or you can also hire an expert proofreader to go through your book. You have to also consider a good book cover and tittle. Readers are often interested in picking right up a book from a book shelve through the book cover and the tittle. They might even go through the headings of every chapter to judge the entire theme of the book. As they say “don’t evaluate a book by its cover” but statistic show’s most readers do it.

Patience is a prime factor

In other to become a well-known new author, you must have patience. Everyone has to start small in the professional world. There are some who get lucky and become well known overnight. However, not everyone can be that lucky. Benjamin Franklin once said “He that can have patience can have what he will”. Rejection is eminent in life, but you have to keep moving on. In case your manuscript is rejected, look for another publisher.


The simplest way to get your book published is via Self-Publishing. More often than not, traditional book publishers would only publish a book if you have a name already. But if you are new author, publishing your book by yourself is your safest choice. Self-publishing also comes with more profits. A whole lot of classic authors have made a name for themselves through self-publishing such as Walt Whitman and Mark Twain. Self-Publishing companies will also assist you market your book no matter what. Traditional book publishers would promote books if indeed they think it’ll be a bestseller. Anyway, your aim here is to get your book published and make it known to as many readers as possible. Self-Publishing will help get things done for you.


The secret to success is to take pleasure from what you’re doing. Keep on writing and love what you do. This keeps your motivation moving.


Sarah Denson

Library User Group