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Founded by Robert Armstrong while working in the Minneapolis Public system, Library User Group was created to express information about libraries and their services.

  The E-commerce component was included to subsidize the cost associated with maintaining the service and has had a few makeovers over the years .Presently we are focusing on new authors and their works, promoting them on our sites and within our social networks. Our Book list are unique and not driven by best sellers but what we find are more what we like. 


In 2017 we will have an exciting time, with the start of our own in-house publishing unit to serve private publishing to clients. As we grow, you are encourage to comment and purchase some of our materials. We will continue our development for your Library User Group experience.

Enjoy Library User Group

Robert Armstrong

Become supportive of ‘Library User Group’.  Give support by purchases of books and materials provide from our suppliers.

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