How Reading Books To Children is Beneficial

September 29, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson,Writing

It is no doubt that children between two and five years of age, reading books is perhaps the most preferred thing parents choose to do. This is a good way to lure your kids to sleep as most of them usually fall asleep while listening to lovely bedtime stories about princes and princess.


There are many advantages when it comes to reading books to children, therefore, parents must understand the various benefits it brings to children so they can grow up with the ability to find reading fun and exciting. Let’s look at some of those benefits below:


Builds a Bond with Parents – As parents read books to their child and lying side by side to each other and snuggle and cuddle in the bed. This brings love and physical closeness which helps to increase the bond between you and your child. Children are more comfortable when they feel cared for by their parents. This also boosts their level of interaction and confidence when talking with friends.


Increases the child’s Vocabulary – The best way to increase a child’s vocabulary is by conversation, and reading a book to your child aloud is also a form of conversation. Children are very inquisitive, they will make you stop once they fail to understand the meaning of a word. Also, during the reading, they might be asking sensitive questions and once you answer their question, they keep it in mind.


Enhances their Concentration – When you read out a story book to your child, make sure that you urge him/her to pay complete attention. Listening to the stories you are reading will increase discipline and the level of concentration. It will help them to be a good listener in class and in future.


Reading Teaches Morals – Charity they say begins at home. The ability of a child to respond to moral values depends on their interaction with their parents. Bringing a child close to fun and exciting books that spark their moral etiquettes gives them that awareness. For instance, a simple fairy tale where honesty and kindness win over laziness, greed, and jealousy is a wonderful apparatus for imbibing your kid with good values.


Academic Brilliance – Reading books to children can impact their overall learning aptitude. It is normally seen that children who come in contact with books before they start going to a school have a better ability to do well in their academic life.


Reduces Stress – Children also experience anxiety and stress as adults do. Children need thеіr own fаіrуlаnd whеrе princess defeat the villains. Reading such books to them enhance and revitalize their energy making them relaxed and happy.


Enhances Logical Thinking – Reading books to children enhances their ability to develop good judgments, get a good mastery of аbѕtrасt concepts, аnd аррlу logic carefully. It is extremely beneficial if your child can carry such abilities in life from such a tender age.