How to Publish and author a Book

January 11, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson


The most important thing you can certainly do before you write and publish a book is to be sure that someone out there would like to read it. Better still, several thousand people want to read it. There isn’t much point to writing and getting a book published if you don’t have an audience.

The glad tidings are that we now have many wonderful tools which you can use to determine if there is a demand for the topic of your book. Online keyword tools, community forums, and even talking to people in your industry can help you determine whether people are actively hungry for your information.


Start by brainstorming specific book ideas. If you are using your book as a tool to build reliability in your career then you already have a place to start from. If you are starting from zero then make a list of topic that you would like to write on. It is important to write about something that you are enthusiastic about. Your passion for your topic should come through in your writing and it’ll be a much better book.


Once you’ve got an overall idea of your book’s topic, consider the way the book is going to benefit your readers. Exactly what will they gain from reading it? Will they have the ability to buy a computer software which makes their lives easier? Will they be sexier, smarter, wealthier, more respected as a person? Define just how your book will make their lives better and then structure your book to make it work.


Give yourself a certain amount of time and energy to complete your book – whether you wrote it or not. It’s easy to let other activities sidetrack you and the book you planned on publishing this season does not get published for a decade or more.


Have a plan and stick to it even if it means you write for 10 minutes a day. It is possible to write and publish a book in just a month, nevertheless, you have to invest in the process.


Self publishes for faster results and more income. We spend more than 12 billion us dollars each year buying self published books. Someone is obviously making big money. Self publishing offers you the power to see your book on store shelves and gives you 100% control over your book and 100% of the gains.


You may self-publish your book in print, electronically, or a combination of both. Actually, many people that self-publish continue to sign huge deals with traditional publishing houses.


Digital publication is the fast, straightforward, and most affordable way to publish and market your book and it’s a terrific way to test the waters.

Really, it generally does not get any easier. You may author and publish your book efficiently. How soon would you like to see your name in print and enjoy the advantages of being a new author? 20 days? Thirty days}? Get busy and make things happen.


Sarah Denson

Library User Group