Libraries And Their Importance in Job Search

January 9, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson

It’s amazing to me how much of my time during the last 12 months have been invested in public libraries. Before becoming involved in my training practice, the last time I remember being in a library with any regularity was when I was still a student. Nevertheless, various areas of my practice take me to the library frequently. It really is a great spot to conduct a private session with clients, especially as many libraries have breakout rooms for independent study and talk. Libraries also do free programs for their patrons on subjects of interest. Certainly, they are an excellent source of a great deal of reference material. A very important thing about it is all this is open to the patrons of the libraries by just registering for a free library card.


Libraries are a great way to obtain materials for those in searching for jobs or a change in career. Research is a crucial part for those conducting an effective and successful job search campaign. A local library will probably have almost all the thing you need either in its substantial reference quantities or in today’s world on its online website. For instance, at my local library, there is an online tool for jobs and Career Acceleration which includes both guidance about how to conduct your job search and brings about potential job opportunities throughout our state. In addition, if you wish to find out more about a particular job, the library may very well be the place of the considerable Encyclopedia of Organizations. The best ways to find out about a field of interest is to attend one of these association conferences and consult with those presently in the field. The Encyclopedia of Organizations should offer contact information to the association and also guide you to a local chapter in your locality.


For a year now I have been engaged as an administrator for a “Professionals in Change” group within my library. Twice every month, residents from my town and nearby towns meet to listen to guest speakers on a number of topics which are of interest for the ones that are either seeking work, looking to open their own business. These classes also serve as networking events for those participating. Often participants can discuss leads with one another either on potential job opportunities, give them an alert them to other support based groups providing direction and information or simply meet a friend to talk about their job search experiences and offer encouragement to one another in their respective searches.


I can’t stress enough this last advantage of becoming acquainted again with your local library. The internet is an excellent tool and can be of help to those who make use of it to learn a variety of information. Even though your local library, and when you are a member through your library card you are able to do research on the library’s website from home at a time or day that best suits you.  Nevertheless, one of the most detrimental things any job seeker can do is to confine themselves solely to being before their computer in their homes. Visiting the library gets you out of the house, gives you the potential to connect to others and at the same time allows you to expand knowledge base through the materials which it has available for you at its disposal that might not always be stored online. Prior to the internet was commonplace generally in most homes, the best way to get the kind of information that you will find on it today, was to take a trip to research and find it at your nearby local library. And, while modern tools have improved the ways one may look to seek information, it cannot in this situation replace the human interaction you have the possibility to expose yourself to which can help increase your moral as you carry on your search.


Basically, the library and its tools and information can be used in whatever manner that benefits you. Taking time to research what it may offer could provide the leads to the next stage in your job search. Its personnel is usually very experienced on the latest information that’s available on the topics you want to research. And, like I stated earlier, it’s most significant benefit, particularly to those searching for jobs who find that their funds might be small, it only requires you to register for a free membership library card. It has computer technology available on site that you can use if you don’t have that available in your home.


Sarah Denson

Library User Group