New Authors And Social Media Planning

October 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson,Writing

Not long ago, the social media was obviously a new and alternative plan for progressive marketing. Today, establishing a social media presence is no longer a choice for any business objective about how to build an online presence, and that includes authors aiming to build a solid fan base. But, like every other component of an author’s strategy, to make the almost all of his efforts and prevent it from unnecessarily draining all of your time and energy, you have to develop your social media marketing strategies and adhere to them.

Begin with Your Goals
Your top most goal may be to grow your platform – which should include your brand identity and fans, but by breaking this down a little further you can better see what this will literally look like.

Create your business profile and visibility network with peers, industry contacts and media reach new readers
Always stay connected with existing readers

Gather feedback

Launch new products related to your books
This signifies the key of your social media strategy and everything will center around it. Initially, don’t get worried too much about analytics. If you are new to social media or perhaps needs to build your author platform, you’ll avoid stress and thoughts of overwhelming if you give attention to expanding your strategy and then apply it in stages.

Build Your Profile

If you are a new author or an aspiring one, know that it’s but normal to feel a degree of discomfort introducing yourself to the world. The good news is this will certainly get much easier in the future; especially once you get positive reviews on your work. The bad news is this is a hen or the egg situations because to be able to get that those reviews, you need to really get your book to reach the readers, and which means placing yourself out there so they can find and get to know your work.

Choose your online social Networks

A dozen of social networking sites are available, but you may easily choose where to invest your time and energy by answering one question: Where exactly does your target readers usually hang out? You might enjoy Facebook personally, but will your audience? Note, regardless of what you say, or how good you say it if you are saying it to the wrong audience.

Engage The Target audience

Engagement is absolutely just conversation.

Here are a few basic guidelines for engaging in the more outstanding social networks.

Google+ – Sharing content, favor posts, comments

Facebook – Sharing content, favor others with “likes”, comments

Twitter – Sharing links to content

Blogs – Leaving comments that contribute to the conversation, share with your social media connections
Do a bit of research and see how other new authors are engaging their audience. It doesn’t take long to discover whаt works and what doesn’t.