Reading As A Key to Technology

November 11, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson,Writing

We are in a great era. Information is easily available all the time. We have cable television, computer applications, radio, and the internet. We’re experiencing information overload most often.

Unfortunately, some individuals cannot take advantage of the benefits associated with the Information era. The reason may be due to lack of access or an inability to make use of information literacy tools. And a lot of people are not enthusiastic about the benefits of technology and information.

Nonetheless, there is merely one real obstacle to taking advantage of the information era. The irony is most people impose the obstacles on themselves.


There is one basic skill needed to take advantage of all the information we see around us. Everyone has the skill in varying degrees. The basic skill is reading. Reading is the only mandatory skill needed to take advantage of this information era. How else can one assemble all the knowledge available to us?


Now, let’s look at why people don’t realize reading is their barrier to this information age. The simple answer would be the reason why they are reading. There are basically two main reasons why people read. That is for pleasure or work.


People usually read for pleasure. There are thousands of books published annually on a multitude of topics. Bookstores are full of books and magazines. You can read fiction and or non-fiction books. The thing about doing anything for pleasure is you get to it when you can. And there is nothing wrong with that.


People read due to a work-related material. There is email, reports, and paperwork of all kinds to be read. And a handful of this reading can be difficult and boring. Reading which is related to work can cause fatigue and negatively impact reading for any other reason. Besides the regular reading material for work, there are trade journals to be read. Truly, this kind of reading can be enjoyable but your employer may not allocate time for it on the clock.


You should be aware of a different type of reading. This reading type will help you to take advantage of the information era. You ought to be reading for expert knowledge. Now reading for expert knowledge is like reading for leisure or for the work. Reading for expert knowledge has another end result. The result of reading for knowledge is to be an expert on a subject. Whenever you read this way, you are reading to acquire skills, tips, ideas, and an in-depth knowledge of the topic.

For instance, you may read about one subject matter each year before moving to a related subject matter or theme. Or you might read several books on one subject matter over a long weekend. Read several authors with contrary views to obtain a sound summary of any subject matter. Find other opportunities to complement your search for expert knowledge. Before you know it, you’ll discover you know more about your subject matter than an average reader.

Sarah Denson

Library User Group