Three Marketing Goals for Self-Published New Authors

January 3, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson


Content marketing is important to develop and increase your business as a self-published writer, but how should you go about with a technique that basically works? The main element is establishing clear and purposeful goals that move you nearer to your goals of selling more books. That is the way to build up a good strategy that enables you to build a flourishing business. Areas of your marketing plan should focus on these essential marketing goals for self-published writers.


Obtain the attention of the various search engines.


Every good author is aware of the fact that as you create content with the intent of exciting your readers, the focus shouldn’t be on search engine optimization (SEO). Before, keyword stuffing proved helpful to get page surging to the top of search engine results. Unfortunately, this leads to a whole lot of people being disappointed by those content that didn’t really answer their questions in an educative, interesting and entertaining way. Nowadays, the ultimate goal of search engines is to offer searchers with the best possible content, and they’ve made amendments to ensure that’s possible.


Which means when you create content for marketing purposes, your primary goal should be to meet and exceed your potential customer’s needs. The better you are able to uncover what your readers would like and deliver it to them, the more love you’ll receive from the search engines. As time passes, this will mean more traffic, more website landing page conversions and in the long run, more sales.


Build a good link with your audience.


The fundamental truth about doing business in today’s world is that people usually buy from those they like and know. Consumers are becoming smarter now, have significantly more information to assist them to make decisions and also have more purchase options. This implies that traditional marketing is now on its head and the ball is currently in your prospects’ court. If they don’t like you or your brand and products you have a much better chance of earning more than you do of getting them to buy from you. The solution to this issue is to identify that your potential clients are humans and not a nameless group of people you want them to buy more.


In case self-published bookselling success is your goal, an essential goal ought to be to progressively build and deepen the relationship you have with your targeted audience with each piece of content you publish. Understanding their needs, providing value and getting in touch with them more often are all effective ways of getting it done.


Build a faithful fan base.


Attracting a reliable blast of new prospects to your marketing funnel should be a major goal of every self-published author who would like to see success in selling their books. However, putting all your focus on getting new prospects into your funnel means leaving a huge amount of opportunity up for grabs. Studies reveal that whenever you’re selling something like your book, you earn nearly all your income from a comparatively small percentage of your total customers.


In the long run, you may expect about 80% of your sales to come from about 20% of your clients. An added benefit is that creating a base of faithful fans makes it easier to attract more clients without having to do any extra marketing.


Sarah Denson

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