When Is the Right Time for a New Author To Start Thinking About Book Promotion?

November 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson,Writing

Many new authors today will say “when the book is completed” or “some will say let the publish see into that”

But unless you are a Dan Brown, those answers are very wrong.

The proper answer is before you start your book writing! Before you type the first sentence, it is important that you take a look at the project in its entirety – including your marketing campaign and a budget. Here are some questions you want to consider:


What do I wish to attain with my book? Could it be a marketing vehicle to build your reliability and increase your business? Or maybe it’s a book you’re wishing will become a series, with enthusiasts begging for another installment. Your answers to the above question have an impact on not only what you write, and exactly how you write it, but what type of promotional effort is important for your book.


Who do I wish to reach with my subject matter? Knowing your audience is very important. Are they young adults, women, and men? If you have a clear knowledge of who you are writing to, it can help develop your writing style as well as your message. But, it will affect to an extern the way you start your book promotion and the marketing opportunities designed for reaching out to your audience. For instance, an efficient digital promotional strategy that extends to busy teenagers will not always hit the mark with elderly people who are less inclined to get their information from the web or cell phones.

What kind of title or book cover design are certain to get book buyers enthusiastic about what you have to share? Your book title can play an integral role in your book sale campaign. And, with limited space designed for the right words that will effectively explain how good and interesting your book is, this is how important a book title can be. Additionally, there is the real design of the book cover to consider which can either pass through your key subject matter or make it seem to be as uninteresting as dishwater.


My point is an impactful book title with an extremely creative book cover has an important role in your book marketing campaign, but this can be an expenditure you must estimate into the marketing and promotional budget. Talking about the budget – this leads me to this point which is considered to be, one of the main points.

The kind money you need for the project? Whether or not your book will be self-published, or you’ve drawn the interest of some major publishers, a marketing and promotion budget is a must. And an efficient book campaign isn’t cheap, especially if you are going to hire a professional firm to do a solid marketing campaign. But, if you opt to do the campaign yourself, you may still find expenses involved that you’ll require to factor into the marketing budget, not the least of which may be employing someone in-house to work with you, either with your book campaign or your normal day-to-day work that will accumulate due to your book promotion!

The reason I am stressing on this point is that a lot of great new authors have books stored in their garages due to bad promotion. Personally, I feel bad because there is nothing to equate to how frustrated one can feel after all the effort, time and interest they’ve committed to the process.

Sarah Denson

Library User Group