Why is it important for us to Read Books?

November 7, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson,Writing

I’ve been a book reader as much as I can remember. In my opinion, I’d alternatively spend my time reading a book than watching television (unless, I am with someone, then I’d be watching television, merely to poke fun on what’s happening around the world. So what reasons can I share you why others wish to consider reading a book a priority activity in their personal lives?

1) Reading books can help you to be more productive with your own time. If you’ve nothing at all to do while looking forward to something to happen as you follow your timetable, read a book.  Or better still, you can read a book to someone who’s interested to listen.

2) To read a book is merely like going through a training, no matter how some people questioned how people can in fact study by using a book.  Essentially, books give out ideas that you can use in your day-to-day life situations because you apply what you read from books in life, and also you revise, if you made errors. You, however, learn along the way – books then help training and learning.

3) Books are excellent companions, especially when you’re in situations in life that others call “tough times’’. When friends are intolerable to meet out, maybe due to an unclear and diverse personal reasons, you might just consider reading books. Your seeking comfort amidst the pages of a book may help ease whatever your problem is. Read about two pages or more a day, and will be enough for your reading needs.

4) You learn helpful stories that define and explain the secret and profundity of human experience. You might read literature, modern-day books, and religious books. You notice some kind of understanding of what’s the “truth” by reading the pages of these books that offer to tell you great and wonderful stories.


5) Individuals who read books look smart (though might not actually be smart) – this is often an interesting trait showing others to make a positive image. And also have you noticed that most individuals who are wealthy have a collection of books kept in the study areas of their homes? This signifies that book reading can help you feel smarter or even rich if we’ll extend it further.

6) Books can be great gift items! Either you give out a book that you think someone must read for a particular reason, or you give out a book that a friend would like to read. Or perhaps give a book out to a friend or loved one as a gift. It is not exaggerated if I say individuals who received books as gift items would be gratified (or, maybe question your motives), however, the message will surely go through.

7) Lastly, books are artworks themselves. Sample works of art, being able to help uplift our spirits and keep us on a constant search for what is beautiful amidst life’s hardships, can literally be found among the pages of books. There’s a lot of work that goes into the processing of a book, other than the act of writing done by an author. There are the editors, printers, publishers, agents, marketing people, and critics, among others. Up until the advent of the Internet (where you can self-publish a book all by yourself), it’s a labor-intensive endeavor to come up with a book. It takes a lot of brain work just to get a book published and get into your hands, so for goodness sake, go read a book.

Sarah Denson

Library User Group