1940 Works Progress Administration (WPA) San Francisco Model 42×38 ft Now Online

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1940 Works Progress Administration (WPA) San Francisco Model 42×38 ft Now Online

From the David Rumsey Map Collection Blog:

For the first time since 1942, the entire immense 42 by 38 foot WPA built San Francisco Model can be seen assembled virtually.

Digitally knitting together all 158 separate pieces with over 6,000 blocks gives the viewer a sense of the extraordinary accomplishment the model represents. Recently recovered after decades of dusty storage, the model has been cleaned and photographed by a dedicated team of individuals as part of the SFMOMA and San Francisco Public Library project called Public Knowledge: Take Part.


“Composite Image of all 158 pieces of the WPA San Francisco Wooden Model from 1940″ (via Rumsey Collection)

The model pieces were expertly photographed by Beth LaBergeDavid Rumsey created the large Composite image below of the 158 pieces, as well as the image and metadata database of all the images, which he hosts. Rumsey also georeferenced the large Composite image and placed it in Google Earth.


The model has not been on public view, in its entirety, since 1942. UC Berkeley is the current owner of the model. The intent of the makers of the model was to have it updated as the city changed over time and they conceived of it as a tool to help understand and plan for changes in the city’s built environment.

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