How to Market Your Book Successfully

January 28, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson

Its pity that lots of good books fail so bad, although some books become bestsellers. Still, why do most great books do not sell? The answer is simple-marketing.


There has been a progressive increase in the sales of books, but so have the amount of books published. Despite the fact that there is an increase in book sales, it is not as likely that a published book will sell more than a few thousand copies.

Alternatively, some writers make millions selling their books. Is that being lucky and a coincidence? Definitely not!


As everything on online marketing, these 3 components is a MUST:


1) Product to sell


2) Getting targeted audience


3) Transforming that traffic into potential buyers.


That’s it! The very best part is: It really is simple if you learn all 3 components.


I studied a huge selection of books and tried to find why some books became bestsellers while other great books fail. What I found out was an extremely clear pattern: some new authors learn how to advertise their books and make sure they go “viral”. Taking your book “viral” is actually the secret.


Thanks to the Internet things have improved greatly. A company can make a viral book advertising campaign and reach hundreds if not thousands of people. Nevertheless, you will need to know very well what to do. Old marketing does not work anymore.


If you don’t have a whole lot of free time and energy, do not invest your time and effort to do local book signing events, go after your family members to buy a copy, place a pricey advertisement to a magazine or make an effort to get book reviews to local newspapers. All these work — to some extent even though they are time consuming and outdated strategies. Your profits on return will be low.


Years back, my friend published a book and couple of months later she was frustrated. In 8 weeks she sold 170 copies. She realized that I was on online marketing and she ask me to help.


I asked if she performed any marketing. She said “yes”. She had done some traditional book marketing: book events, printed out business cards, contacted local newspapers to get reviews etc.


I thought that I might be able to help her. She took my advice and her book sales skyrocketed.


So, what did she do after my advice?


1) She modified her book name


2) She discovered where her targeted audience are on Internet


3) She engaged her audience


4) She create viral content which went across a large number of people


The Internet is actually a vast search engine. Therefore the first rung on the ladder is to choose your book’s name carefully. That’s where about 95 % of new authors fail.


To pick the right name for your book, is really as much artwork as science. Ensure you get your book name right and you have done a major part of your book marketing already. You need to use 3 criteria to choose the tittle of your book:


1) You book name keywords definitely need to have enough regular monthly searches


2) Your book tittle keywords cannot be too competitive


3) You book name must be monetizable

Good luck with your book sales. And, you will, if you put into action your marketing effectively.


Sarah Denson

Library User Group

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