New Authors – Four Proven Ways to Get Known With Viral Marketing.

February 7, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson


Viral Marketing is a recent strategy used by almost all online business one way or another. However I need to point out that many do it wrong, for example Seth Godin an online guru once said that there are 2 types of viral marketing strategies.


There is the type that go viral and that which promote your business, most businesses don’t do both. They make a silly video recording that gets transferred to a huge selection of friends of friends but don’t sell a penny. But still others sell something without having the capability to create a viral effect.


Just how could someone capture that essence of fabricating something that goes both viral and sells?


Easier that you may think, to get started with we need to begin with deciding what we want out of a viral marketing campaign. For instance do you want to generate traffic to your website? Or do you want to keep track of click troughs to your landing page where you were carrying out a split test on your sales copy?


Whatever we need we just have to be clear about the expected results. Next we have to decide how we want to deliver our marketing campaign, video, audio or written such as with article marketing? It is vital to consider the ease of passing a web link or audio files around the web will be, for instance if the web link is hard to memorize it’s going to likely get lost in the passing of the hyperlink form one friend to another.


In addition to that, we want to decide how we are going to entertain our readers, yes entertain. Whatever you’re teaching you are going to need to entertain your audiences. No one would like to sit through a college or university lecture no matter how valuable. And even if indeed they do sit through your lecture they can’t pass it on to their friends, instead they’ll likely just summarize what you said and pass those notes on top their friend.


So how is it possible to add entertainment to your subject matter?


Here are some suggestions;


–        Pictures – develop a video that uses funny character types, talking horses, rabbits that sing, or why not vehicles that drive by themselves.


–        Paper Napkins – paper napkin drawings are very much popular and easy to do, just create a drawing and take a picture then repeat until you have your subject matter.


–        Costumes – have a cowboy talk to you about the difficulty of a mid-day office meetings when their minds on a 1200 kg bucking bronco. Or perhaps a dance hall lady talk about the difficulties of finding the right attire for a business meeting in Antonio in a few days. Contrast is effective in these circumstances.


–        Films – use movie referrals, everyone loves StarWars. You might even use a cop drama, whatever you choose to do elicit a laugh make the joke on you though.


If you in some reason you follow these tips about making a viral message, you can be certain it’ll go further and faster to thousands then any advertising could do at any cost. Because its disarming and interesting, while it educates the audience about you and your business.


Sarah Denson

Library User Group

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