Rockingham County School Board Pulls “Beartown” From Honors Class Reading List

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From Fox 8 (High Point, NC):

A book that has stirred up some controversy at a local high school was pulled from an English honors class after complaints were heard by the school board.

The Rockingham County School Board decided that the book “Beartown” would no longer be read or discussed in the classroom.


Community members are frustrated it ended up on a required reading list without approval.

“Whose job is it to make sure the books that are being taught are on an approved list? How many other books are being taught that are not on an approved list?” Pastor Ron Tuck said.

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From the CBS 17:

“It’s horrendous. It uses a lot of words you won’t be able to put on your newscast,” said Don Powell with Lawsonville Road Baptist Church. “It’s my feeling and other people’s feeling that it’s inappropriate for use in a classroom.”

The school board confirmed the book was assigned to the 10th grade English honors students at McMichael High. Leaders said they are concerned about selecting the appropriate literature for student – which can be a challenge given subject matter and offensive language. The district considers age and maturity when selecting books.

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