Role of Reading in an Authors’ Life

February 13, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson


Reading plays an essential role in anybody’s life. But for an author, it is a lifeline. An author cannot expand his craft if he or she is not interested in reading. Why do authors need to be a voracious reader? Here’s why authors need to read a lot


  1. To improve the vocabulary


  1. To be informed and updated


  1. To help keep their brain always buzzing with ideas


  1. To identify the shortcomings as a writer



An author must read to improve their vocabulary. An excellent author will always keep a dictionary with them to learn new words while reading. With the increase in vocabulary an author can express himself in a much better way without battling with words. He or she will never go wrong with the common grammatical problems. Reading books from other authors helps a writer learn the techniques of fine writing. Writing is an art which needs continuous improvisation. In case the writer is not sure of what to read then he or she should begin from their favorite author. In case the writer enjoys a science fiction then he should read the books of writers who’ve written science fiction novels.



For a good author it is important that he or she is up to date on any given topic – whether it is current or a feature. The writer should be able to hold a discussion on any topic and eventually write on any given subject matter. Reading helps an author make this happen. Reading not only informs and help to keep anyone updated but in an author it inspires a way of thinking — thoughts that become ideas for a writer to write on.


To avoid writer’s block


An author who’s a voracious reader will hardly ever face the dreaded author’s block as his / her mind is always buzzing with great ideas. It true, reading is a good solution to get rid of the problem of writer’s block. Authors face the block when words fail them so when facing the famous writer’s block grab a good book with the favorite beverage and read. Authors will find this very useful as it offers a necessary break from the writing process and the eager mind gets its fodder.


To identify the shortcomings as an author


Reading other authors gives an insight to a writer where they’re going wrong or why his / her writing is not generating enough response or why editors keeps rejecting their work. It helps to learn the fine nuances of writing in a specific genre and what is most effective in that genre. Reading books from other writers also helps an author take a fresh point of view on a given topic.


To recognize the done to death topics and staying away from them


Sometimes, authors usually the new authors tend to write without a proper research on the topic and hence when they face rejection they ponder what went wrong. Reading helps an author never to be in such a position. If an author is thinking of writing on a common topic like dating, then he /she should read available materials on that topic to see if there is any other angle they might write on. If the answer is no then the author should avoid that topic.


So if someone out there is certainly thinking to embark on a writing career then your first step towards it is to write a lot and the next being read a lot.


Sarah Denson

Library User Group

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