Some Three Publishing Misconception that Kill New Authors

January 19, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Library User Group,Sarah Denson


Publishing houses and agents have at heart their best interest and not the authors. Why not save yourself from stress, disappointments, and money. Become your own self-employed publisher and produce your book faster and much cheaper. All you would need is just a little help from pros.


First, you will need an agent to market your and make a lot of money. Since all big publishers don’t consider unknown authors, this is the time to look at what they can really do for you. Dan Poynter, a self-publishing expert, says that in case a publisher can’t sell 4 times as much books as you can, you’re better off selling your book by yourself. Self-publish first since it works as a test market for your ebook. If it sells over 13,000 in 12 months, publishers might be enthusiastic about your book. Agents and traditional publishers accept just about 1-3% of new authors’ submissions, and even though you are one of the “Selected” you might not make a lot of money after printing, bookstore, wholesaler, distributor and other expenses might cost $6 on a $25 book. It’s true, you get an advance, however, your sales must meet that and more. And after the book tour, the marketing person moves onto another new author. Then, your books will vanish from the bookstores unless you devote a lot of time personally to marketing them. Book publishing is a new game these days. Consider self-publishing where in fact the profits are yours.  In the event that you self-publish and opt to print, you will need to print out only the copies you will need with the new print on demand technology. Better still, you can print the number needed. Forget about unsold cartons of books in your closets.


Secondly, in other to be a respected author, you must spend hundreds of hours of your time on your full-length book. The truth is that people today want concise and useful information. You don’t need to write a 300-page book in other to be a real author. People want information fast and convenient. Create brief information products that are between 25 and 100 pages you can sell online, even though you don’t possess your own website. If you opt to print your book with print quantity needed, your books will look as good as any book on the bookstores.


Finally, New Authors must spend big money on other to publish themselves. The costs of printing 3000 copies of a 180-page book may cost $8000, which is about $3 a copy. That’s a lot of money for anyone to invest all at once, and to some authors, it’s not worthwhile to use their home equity or their entire life savings to fund their book. Opt for a print on demand where you can print out about 120 to 500 for about $3 for 180 pages. Minus the high inventory, you can maintain a comfortable cash to invest in promotion, which is the most crucial part of your book. You save even more if you don’t print your book. This is because book publishing is certainly going Internet. You could write a small book in less time, market them easily on the web and reap profits faster. It has worked for others and I am confident it will work for you as well.


Sarah Denson

Library User Group

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